北京中欧运国际货运代理有限公司(SEFCO)是经国家商务部正式批准成立的一级货运代理企业,国家“一带一路”的战略倡议底下提出共同建设“丝绸之路”经济带的合作倡议结合起来的以构建亚欧大市场为目标,中国到欧洲的国际贸易和物流运输服务代理业务,承办海运,空运,中欧铁路“一带一路”,揽货、订舱、包机、包装、仓储、中转、多式联运、集装箱整箱、拼装拆箱、二程转运、货物跟踪查询、结算运杂费、报关相关的短途运输服务及咨询业务。北京中欧运国际货运代理有限公司在国内外建有强大的网络体系, 及时为客户提供全国各口岸最新的运价和安全快捷的运输服务。以北京为核心辐射全国各地,拥有自己的车队,报关行,报检行,在上海,宁波,广州等国内主要港口城市设有自己的分公司,并且在多家企业中拥有自己的投资股份,给本公司的业务开展带来极大的方便。公司并且与中外十多家船公司及航空公司签订了代理协议和服务合约。在国际运输价格市场、国际运输代理服务市场上,均具有很大的优势。 多年来经过全体员工的积极努力和不懈奋斗,现公司业务范围遍及全球,同时还和几十家知名的国外代理企业保持着长期密切的合作,使我们拥有雄厚的实力。凭借我们对中国市场的深刻理解,优秀的管理模式及先进的网络,赢得众多海内外公司的信任与紧密合作。我们会通过对国内国际市场知识的综合了解,使每一个客户充分体会到量体裁衣的感受。

公司业务:①国际贸易 ②国际海运 ③国际空运 ④中欧铁路 ⑤仓储服务(007cargo) ⑥欧洲境内清关和短途运输服务 ⑦中国到欧洲的散货门到门服务 ⑧欧洲到中国海运铁路运输服务。 

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Beijing Sino-Euro International Freight Forwarders Limited is an approved freight forwarding company by the State Ministry of Commerce. Under the governmental proposition of  strategic initiatives "One Belt One Road” to build the new Silk Road and also the initiative to work together to build a Eurasian market, our company offers contractors shipping, air transport and railway transport services. We offer booking, charters, packaging, warehousing, multimodal transport, FCL, LCL, two-way transport, cargo tracking inquiry, settlement of freight, other transport services, as well as consulting. Taking Beijing as the Chinese center of logistics, Beijing International Freight Forwarders Co. has established a strong networking system at home and abroad, to provide customers with the latest prices, as well as safe and efficient transport services. We have a fleet and customs clearance inspection bureau in Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou and other major port cities that we have cooperated with for many years. We represent our branch, and have investment shares in many enterprises. Our company has signed agency agreements and service contracts with more than 10 Chinese and foreign shipping companies and airlines. We have a great advantage in the international transport market. After years of hard work and the combined efforts of all staff members, our company has been able to maintain long-term close cooperation with many world-renowned transport companies.  Thanks to our deep understanding of the Chinese market, excellent management model and advanced network, we have won the trust of many companies at home and abroad. Our next goal is to gain your trust.


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