空运代理 公司可以提供全球航运,目前发展的最优势业务为欧洲多条航线的包板服务,即时将货物送上当时最快的航班,并即时跟踪货物的运输状态;安全、准确、快捷地为您提供优质的门到门航空快运服务,并实时信息跟踪服务. 我司与芬兰航空(AY),中国国际航空公司(CA),中国海南航空公司(HU),法兰西航空(AF),新加坡航空(SQ),德国汉莎航空(LH)等多家航空公司建立了战略合作伙伴关系,航空运价在具有竞争优势,运输旺季保证舱位,将客户的物流成本降到最低。 空运出口 1、办理自中国各地到世界各地的空运出口及中转运输业务和国际过境中转出口货运业务。 2、办理代理国内各口岸出口货物的报关,转关,三检、中转等业务。 3、办理出口货物的上门提货,陆运,仓储等地面服务。 4、办理特种货物的空运,如:鲜活易腐,私人物品,贵重物品及危险品等。

空运代理业务流程:代理订舱以后北京首都机场和广州白云机场起飞到达法国巴黎清关以后送往波兰华沙,乌克兰敖德萨。中国北京、广州、义乌(007cargo)收货打包包装。                                                         biao.jpg空运价格:1公斤/USD6.5(服装类,不收假名牌)。北京(007cargo)广州(007cargo)义乌(007cargo)收货到乌克兰敖德萨7--10天。(有不清楚的地方请扫一扫左边的二维码咨询:)

Air freight forwarding department:

From the beginning of 2008 till this year, Sino-Euro has been under continuous development. During the last few years, we have become the strongest shipping agency in Northern China. Under the steady and positive cooperation with customs brokers, cargo agents, and the cooperation with towing, warehousing service companies and customs supervision teams, Sino-Euro is delivering the top services for domestic and foreign customers.  We cooperate with Beijing Capital Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and Shanghai Pudong Airport. Sino-Euro, having its own storage centers in Guangzhou, Yiwu, Beijing, all under the supervision of Cargo 007, has formed a non-stop service system. This complete system provides a full range of logistics and booking services of container and air space. As your agent, we are comprised of a professional personnel, engaged in the international shipping business. The team has an abundant experience as a customer service, advice office and logistics agent. We have built a system containing services provided by domestic and foreign shipping companies, tax bureaus and other direct networking services. This system aims to make the process easier for clients. .   

Our cargo agency provides global air shipping. Cargo transport to Europe is currently the most advantageous of routes. Sino-Euro delivers goods in the shortest time, using the fastest flight. We offer real-time tracking of your transported goods. We use safe, quick and accurate ways to provide quality door-to-door express services to you. In order to minimize the customer's logistics costs to minimum, we have established a strategic partnership with Finland Airlines (AY), China International Airlines (CA), Chinese Hainan Airlines (HU), Air France (AF), Singapore Airlines (SQ) and Lufthansa (LH), amongst others .

Air export: 1. We offer export and transit services from all over China to any country around the world. 

2. We handle export declarations, customs inspection, transit and other required services in domestic ports. 

3. We offer door-to-door delivery, land transportation, warehousing and other ground services for export goods. 

4. We offer you our services concerning special air cargo, such as perishables, private goods, valuables and dangerous goods.

Cargo agency process: After receiving your goods in our Beijing, Guangzhou or Yiwu warehouses through Cargo 007, we can send your packages by air from Beijing Capital Airport or Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. After arriving in Europe, we transfer the goods to Poland and do customs clearance in Warsaw, Ukraine or Odessa. kong.jpg